So… as you may have learned on my bio page, I’m a professional designer. Web design and graphic design are what I do all day. I have been doing them for 23 years professionally, but my creative career spans even more time than that. I have always produced art and while I lived in New York City in my early 20s, I attended the National Academy of Design. I didn’t graduate with a degree from them, I simply took every painting class I could. Ultimately, I would go back to school and get my art degree (Multimedia Design in an emphasis in web design) from The Art Institute of Seattle. That’s what you do when you’re an artist. Most of us find a way to make a career out of being creative and that usually means becoming a designer of some kind. That said, I never stopped being an artist. I experienced some success in my early 30s, even selling a large painting that would be used across Italy in a campaign fighting domestic abuse. As children came and life got busy, I produced less art until recently.

This is what I’ve been up to lately. It has been a huge joy for me to rediscover my passion as an artist. I’ve enjoyed sharing with those I love. I especially enjoy commissioned work, which is most of what I do. I’m often asked to create something that will be used as a gift Love it the most. 🙂 Let me know if you want me to do that for you.

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