I’ll be teaching on Fridays at 6am IN STUDIO at Get Hot Yoga Bonney Lake. It’s just through December (probably), but that means for the next three months there will be no virtual class on Fridays.

For you monthly live memberships, I’m reducing your monthly subscription fee to $23/month.


***Longevita in Auburn***
Mon 9:30am WARM Vinyasa
Tues 6am HOT CORE
Wed 6:30pm WARM Vinyasa

***Get Hot Yoga***
Mondays 4:30pm Vinyasa in Bonney Lake
Mondays 6pm Sculpt in Bonney Lake
Thursdays 8pm Hatha in Maple Valley
Fridays 6am in Bonney Lake

***Vitual Yoga***
6am WedVinyasa

***Elev8 in Federal Way***
Wednesday 9am Hatha
Wednesday 12pm Vinyasa

Come practice with me!!

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I firmly believe that yoga can be equal parts traditional and challenging, light-hearted and fun. Join me and find out just what you’re capable of.

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Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Upcoming Virtual Classes

What does a yoga teacher do when she has 4 whole days off of work? Go to a yoga class, of course. Thank you @randiriesenberg and @gethotyoga ...

Putting up Christmas decorations today. That should go well. 🤦‍♀️🙈 ...

It’s a new week. Let’s crush it together! I’m recovered from my little head cold. If you’re lucky, you didn’t see me in person last week so you avoided my incessant whining. I’m such a baby when I’m sick. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen often! Here’s my schedule below. I really hope to see you!

Longevita @longevita
Mon 9:30am Vinyasa
Tue 6am Core
Wed 6:30pm Vinyasa

Get Hot Yoga @gethotyoga
Mon 4:30pm Vinyasa BL
Mon 6pm Sculpt BL
Thu 8pm Hatha MV
Fri 6am Vinyasa BL

Elev8 @elev8_hotyoga
Wed 9am hatha
Wed 12pm Vinyasa

Virtual anamariabaralt.com
Wed 6am

Ugh, I have a cold 😩😷. @gethotyoga yogis: I’m taking the afternoon off, but the amazing and beautiful Heidi will be teaching my double. Don’t miss it! 😘😘 ...

In January, it will be two years since I tore this right hamstring. I had pretty much come to terms with never getting my split back. It’s still not where it used to be, but I’m so grateful for the progress and healing that has happened. Still not there with my left hamstring, but that was a much bigger tear that happened three years ago. Hard to believe, but I’m still hopeful. 🤞🤞 Grateful for this humbling journey.

shout out to my 6 AM yogis this morning @gethotyoga There were handstand breakthroughs, long time students making their first in person appearance since pre-Covid, filling my heart with more gratitude than I can express. Love you guys!

Taking a break from the Squid Game to take in hockey #seakraken ...

I love work from home days #nationalcatday ❤️ I’m subbing a couple of classes this weekend at @elev8_hotyoga

Hope to see you!
Sat 9:30am Vinyasa
Sun 8am Hot Pilates

It gets pretty crowded on my mat some mornings 🙄😂 ...

It’s a new week. Get ready to crush it! Lots of chances to practice with me. No excuses.

Mon 7:15am Pilates Reformer
Mon 9:30am Vinyasa
Tue 6am Core
Tue 8:30am Pilates Reformer
Wed 6:30pm Vinyasa

Get Hot Yoga
Mon 4:30pm Vinyasa BL
Mon 6pm Sculpt BL
Thu 8pm Hatha MV
Fri 6am Vinyasa BL
Fri 4:30pm Vinyasa BL
Fri 6pm Easy Flow BL

Wed 9am hatha
Wed 12pm Vinyasa

Wed 6am Vinyasa

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on is alternating L legs 🦵. Fun 😀

you have four chances to practice with me tomorrow!

6am virtual vinyasa
9am Hatha @elev8_hotyoga
12pm Vinyasa @elev8_hotyoga
6:30pm Vinyasa @longevita

Hope to see you on the mat!

First black tie event in 18 months! Nice to be back. ❤️ #washingtonathleticclub ...

Hello, beautiful yogis!

I have some scheduling news that will come as good news to some of you and not-so-good news to others of you. For the next few months, virtual Friday 6am classes are canceled. That's because I will be teaching IN PERSON at Get Hot Yoga in Bonney Lake! Starting tomorrow at 6am! For those of you unlimited live subscribers, I've lowered your monthly cost until I resume virtual classes on Friday. Check your email for details.

Join me every Friday at 6am. @gethotyoga

See you on the mat!

Perfect timing as usual, Cinny 🙄🐶 #yogawithdogs #rescuedismyfavoritebreed ...

Have you heard? I’m now teaching at Elev8 Hot Yoga in Federal Way!  When I was offered to teach there, I was sitting in my office and I leapt out of my chair because I LOVE this studio and always have. I’m filled with gratitude to be part of such an amazing team. Come see me on Wednesdays 9am Hatha and 12pm Vinyasa. ...

“This seems like a good time for you to pet me. You’re not busy, right?” -Cinnamon


Different day, different coast, different dog. Same shit. 😂 ...

Happy international dog day! ...