This class has two focuses: 1) strengthening shoulders and hips; and 2) mindful awareness of what occurs during external rotation when one element is fixed on the ground. Here’s what I mean. Starting in table top position (hands and knees), when you extend one leg back and then stack the hip on top of the lower one, which hip is externally rotating? You might be surprised that it’s the bottom hip. Since that hip is fixed on the ground and can’t move, if forces the leg that is extended back to stack on top. We also see this dynamic happen again when we’re in a forearm side plank with the top are bent, elbow up. As we rotate to touch the top elbow to the elbow that is fixed on the ground and then rotate it up again, it’s the should that is fixed to the ground that is internally and then externally rotating. Pay extra attention to these movements so that you can experience the work where you should be working. If you know what is supposed to be active your attention will stay there and you’ll be less likely to get out of the work by compensating with other muscle groups. Have fun, yogis!