The update this time is more of the same. The Gov. spoke and gave the guideline that although classes are allowed again up to five people, it is restricted to one student per 500 square feet. For most studios, that would mean classes of two. You will see LOTS of studios opening anyway. My IG feed is full of studios announcing their reopening on Monday. Sheila, the owner of Longevita, is choosing to stay in compliance with the guidelines and stay virtual. Her priority is the safety of her staff and clients. I’m very grateful to work for someone like that.

Long story short (not really)… all of my classes are virtual for now. I know that for some of you that’s a huge disappointment. I promise, It won’t be like this forever. I know for others of you, this is great news. And the beat goes on 🙂 For you onDemand students, you’ll continue to have AT LEAST 5 new classes added every week! Woot!

I haven’t added the new virtual classes for the week to website yet. I’ll do that tomorrow, but for your reference, this is my teaching schedule:

Mon: 9:30am
Tues: 7:30am
Wed: 6am & 6:30pm
Thur: 7:30am
Fri: 6am