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Motivation is overrated

July 24th, 2019|

Motivation is overrated! Ok, y'all, buckle-up. Here comes some tough love. Those of you who only know me within the scope of my life as a yoga teacher, might not like this side of me [...]

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If we are friends on Facebook, then you can find a much larger and longer post there with a lot of family photos. But I have had so many in my yoga community reach out to me and express love and concern that I wanted to put something here too. Yesterday on Valentine’s Day, my father passed away. It seems fitting since he was the first love of my life and that now this day will forever be associated with him. ❤️ I am immeasurably grateful to have been there on his last day. Although he had been unresponsive at that point for nearly 24 hours, when I walked in and he heard my voice he opened his eyes and smiled. My mother thinks he was waiting for me. I’m not so sure, but it’s a lovely thought. 💕🥰 I’ll miss him terribly. ...

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Cole’s afternoon/after school snack. If only everyone ate this well ❤️ (he asked me to take a photo) 😂 ...

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I am literally incapable of doing this pose without singing to myself “Ain’t no #HollowBack Girl” 😂 ...

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Whoa. Sometimes my shoulder muscles 💪 surprise even me. I can no longer do deep backbends with my stenosis, but I can still #twist 🙏🏻 ...

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Looking forward to teaching yin tonight after Vinyasa. Nobody needs it more than I do that’s for sure! So stiff 😖 join me for both — it’s a great combo. 💕 #yin #yoga #stretch ...

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Well this is a shift in environment. Don’t let the smile fool you, my heart and thoughts are in an ICU room in New Jersey.

update on my dad: after we had such a great day on Thursday, things took a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, he is back on the ventilator. His heart has grown weaker and he will have a pacemaker put in pretty soon. We hope. Of course we are still hoping for the best-and praying for a miracle-but as time passes, it becomes more complicated.
Continued thanks for your love and support.

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Hey, look, Ma, no breathing tube!
Update on my dad: we still don’t have a definitive diagnosis. There is disagreement among the doctors here about what is actually going on with his remaining lung. He is scheduled for yet another bronchoscopy tomorrow to take more samples. We aren’t out of the woods by any stretch, but we have reason to be optimistic. In the meantime, he has been enjoying steady improvement throughout the last few days and they were able to extubate him today. So far so good.
Thank you to all of you for the outpouring of love and prayers. I have read each one of your comments to my father and he is touched beyond measure. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. During the darker moments, your love and support shone brightly.
On a personal note, I fly back to the West Coast tomorrow morning. A huge thank you to my husband for stepping in and picking up the slack, as always. Thank you for all of the offers to help with the boys. it is an overwhelmingly beautiful experience to watch the village spring into action. Xoxo

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Current view. Heading home to see my father, currently in the ICU. 😢. It’s been a terrible couple of months for him as a mystery infection has taken over his lungs. He is currently intubated and is undergoing another surgery this morning as we await results of samples taken last week. We’re all praying for a miracle, so if you would like to join us in praying for that miracle, I sure would be grateful. 🙏🏻💕 ...

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I made my students do reps of one minute handstand holds at the wall today, so this is a show of solidarity LOL. 💪You guys are so inspiring! It is a joy for me to see all of my students get stronger and stronger and stronger. Love you!! ...

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Holy guacamole it’s cold outside! The hot room felt so good this morning.❤️🔥 Already can’t wait to get back in there at 6:30 tonight. Oh and by the way I’m subbing tomorrow night too. Hot 26 at 6:30pm and Vinyasa at 8pm. Come join me. ❤️ ...

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❄️❄️❄️ hooray for snow! I love it so much ❤️ come celebrate with me at 9:30 AM in Bonney Lake. @hotyogaofbonneylake I’ll be teaching Vinyasa ❤️ #hybl #hotyogabonneylake ...

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Full disclosure, I don't love this variation. I prefer #visvamitrasa straight-up with my balancing arm in front of my leg. Still, it's always good to marinate in the uncomfortable and embrace the challenge. Wanna come practice with me?  4 more chances to do it - all at @hotyogabonneylake

Tues: 8pm
Wed: 6am & 6:30pm
Fri: 6am

See you on the mat!

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Does #headstand count #forearmfriday ? Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be safe. Be kind. Tell the people you love that you love them. Life is short, so make it sweet. 💕 ...

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Sigh. I’m just overcome with grief over the billion animals that have lost their lives during the fires in Australia 🇦🇺🐨🦘. I’m praying that humanity snaps out of the delusion that we can just go on like this. #plantbased #vegan #climatecrisis #australia ...

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If anyone sees a shirt that says I ❤️ Chaturanga, my birthday is in March. 😆 ...

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Well shoot. I really thought I was straight up and down, but clearly I am not. 🤷‍♀️🙈 just taught a 5 AM class. Holy hell that’s early lol. Shout out to all of you insanely early yogis. I don’t know how you do it! ...

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Happy Monday! It's been a busy Monday workday for me, with a yoga class thrown in. Back in the office now and loving every moment of the rain outside happy on the roof. I actually love when it's pouring rain and I'm in the office. When the sun is out I wrestle with that nagging feeling I should be out there enjoying it. That said, I'm hoping it lets up by the end of the workday so Cinnamon and I don't have to run in it. I don't mind a little rain or mist, in fact I like it, but I'm not a huge fan of running in a downpour and neither is Cinny 😂 Alas, we'll do what we have to do. 🐶🤗 #yogaeverydamnday ...

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I saw this variation of super soldier pose posted and I thought it was pretty cool so here we are. It’s not really a yoga pose. It’s not really anything other than a cool shape. 😂 but why not? Let’s make all the shapes while our bodies still can. ❤️ #hbly #hotyogabonneylake .

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I love this pose and all of its complexity. It took me years—literally—to understand it. It’s one of those poses you can’t come close to cueing effectively within the scope of a vinyasa class because the hold would be unreasonably long. I can’t wait to teach an alignment workshop soon and spend some time breaking down this pose for students. Hopefully they will love it as much as I do. ❤️ #trianglepose #utthitatrikonasana #hybl #hotyogabonneylake #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #ashtanga #ashtangi #yogateacher #igyoga ...

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