Welcome to my offline passion. I’ve been a web designer for 20 years – and I still do that full time – but helping people in their journey to better physical and emotional health has become a surprising and overwhelming obsession of mine. I’m a yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200), and I’ve taught over 1400 classes–so far! 😉 Additionally, I’m a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP®). I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. No matter where you are on your journey: a competitive athlete looking for an edge or a senior looking to improve mobility and balance, I’d love to help. I’m located in beautiful Lake Tapps, WA.

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Motivation is overrated

July 24th, 2019|

Motivation is overrated! Ok, y'all, buckle-up. Here comes some tough love. Those of you who only know me within the scope of my life as a yoga teacher, might not like this side of me [...]

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This is a screenshot from a zoom class that I taught this morning. I have uploaded a couple more of these virtual class recordings and a few tutorials. Link is in my bio. I'm doing these tutorials to entertain myself and all of you, so feel free to comment with requests. Doesn't have to be an arm balance either... whatevs! Happy to do it.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Wishing I was back in Bali today, soaking up the sunshine. The days are blurring together a bit. I’m still working, but having my husband and kids home is throwing me off. Not bad, just different. I’m so used to silence all day long and now there’s giggling and running around. Here’s what I know: tomorrow is Friday and that means Virtual Yoga with me at 6am.
Can’t wait to see you.

MEETING ID: 536-496-594
or use this link: https://zoom.us/j/536496594

Oh! I also made a brief crow tutorial. I plan to do a new one every other day(ish) as long as we’re in this quarantine situation, because why not? Here’s the link (If you’re seeing this on IG, I put it in my bio): https://youtu.be/YGaiDrJv2Z0

Hope to see you on the mat. xoxox

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See you tomorrow at 6am! 😈💕 special treat: Shari, who used to teach on Saturdays before she moved to the east coast will be in class with us. Join us and say hi!
Love that you'll be joining me! Here's the link to Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/536496594

or you can use just the Meeting ID:  536-496-594

Also teaching tomorrow at 6:30pm

Meeting ID: 622-437-908


This meme was created by the genius @yogi_bryan Follow him immediately

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Tomorrow’s 6am virtual class is canceled!! So sorry- I’m going to miss you guys 😭❤️ i’m actually not feeling well and this is my attempt at that elusive self-care I keep hearing people talk about. Please take care of yourselves. I love you and I’ll catch you next week 😘 ...

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If you want to join me live for a class, below is my schedule all times are PST. I also created a YouTube channel where I'm posting the classes later for you to do on your own time and hoping to add some tutorials there too. That link is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKHPfhaRmMR6zZzg-UpwJ3g/ (I put the link in my profile). See you on the mat.




WED 6:30PM


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Local yogis,

As you know, Governor Inslee has ordered Washingtonians to #stayhome . That means both studios where I teach ( @longevita and @hotyogabonneylake ) have temporarily halted in-person classes. However, you all know that we preach #yogaeverydamnday so classes will continue! Just virtually. We’ll be using Zoom so download the app and set it up, sign up for classes like usual on Wellness Living for @longevita students and Mindbody for @hotyogabonneylake students. Drop me a DM and I’ll email you the link to class. The only think I ask is that if you are going to come to class and need the link, do it at least 10 minutes prior to start time.
Thank goodness for technology!  Thanks for your patience. See you on the mat!


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Have some nervous energy to burn off? Me too! LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! (but a few feet apart 😬) Join me for a 45-minute fun, high-interval training workout that will work your whole body. You'll be glad you came! ...

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OK, giving myself some grace for missing days...I'm not that consistent of a poster and I just have to accept that about myself... I mean, I do have a real, full-time job that isn't related to yoga so it is what it is. I had to modify my first pose on this. With hamstrings all torn apart, straightening that front let is not an option.
Yoga challenge #yogatransit

Day 5ish I think?
#visvamitrasana  to #ekapadakoundinyasanab
Host @cyogalife

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#peacockpose with #lotuslegs I haven’t practiced this pose in ages. Not until @rebemfras brought it up last night as we were hanging out (which often results in two huge yoga nerds on the floor, playing around in poses ❤️). I forgot how satisfying it is when your legs fly up. Of course, having your legs in lotus is way easier than having them extended—and there’s always the danger of face planting as your legs fly up—but it is really fun.! ...

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Taking a break from posting about Yoga today to celebrate being cleared to run for precisely one minute (on a flat surface). I’ll take it! #injuryrecovery #oncloudrunning #oncloudshoes ...

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This one I work on pretty regularly since it's at the end of the primary series. The trick is to understand that as your head comes off the mat and you shift your gaze down instead of behind you, your shoulders will move back over your elbows. If you don't compensate by shifting your hips and/or legs further forward, you'll fall right out of it. It's a small shift, but it helps if you are completely engaged through your lower body

Yoga challenge #yogatransit

Day 2

#sirsasana (#headstand) to #pinchamayurasana (#forearmbalance)
Host @cyogalife

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Excuse the RBF 🙈😖 I can’t help it! Here we go... Well it wouldn't be a yoga challenge if I wasn't already late posting by the first day. 😎 So, here's yesterday's pose. I chose to enter this from a side crow instead of tripod headstand. It's easier, but that's not why I did it. I did it that way because my neck issues really act up when I land asymmetrically on one elbow. I'm fragile as it is, so I'm playing it safe. I'm not as smooth as I'd like to be on this transition - probably because I never work on it - but I'm glad I can still land it! 😊

Yoga challenge #yogatransit

Day 1 #ekapadakoundinyasana1 #transition to #ekapadakoundinyasana2 #armbalance
Host @cyogalife

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I haven’t done a yoga challenge in a really long time- almost a year-so I think it’s time.
#Repost @cyogalife with @get_repost
Announcing March’s challenge: #YogaTransit. I’ve been meaning to do one month full of transitions so, here you have it! I tried to varied it as much as I could, so that we don’t only work on our strengthening skills but also our balancing and flexibility ones. I also didn’t want to start always from the same pose, like Tripod Headstand for instance, but rather mix & match. My goal is to give you some ideas, open your imagination to different transitions, ways to link poses and give you a safe space, guidance and tips to #practice them, maybe even create new ones! As with any other challenge, some are more difficult (or known) than others, but all have important lessons to extract. The reason to pick these particular 28 is because they’ve helped me, as well as others that I’ve taught, to grow our practice, so now it’s your turn... We’ll cover all families of asanas: arm balances, all inversions, splits, backbends, hip openers... it’ll be fun, I assure you!! Some might require more time than others but they’re all achievable (maybe not today, but let’s plant the seeds for that ). As I’ve been doing lately, I’m opening a daily line of communication so you can write comments or questions on the posts & I’ll try to answer them swiftly. As usual, simply:
1⃣ follow @cyogalife
2⃣ repost this, comment, tag 2 friends (easier to finish!)
3⃣ participate and post using #YogaTransit
Besides my daily pose & explanation, fellow yogi helpers Aislinn @yogawithaislinn and Katy @katydoesyoga will provide with further insights and alternatives on each transition. Plus, awesome gifts at the end for the winners! Get ready and join in, we start tomorrow!!!

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It’s Friday, people! This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! And the sun is out ☀️☀️☀️ wishing you a glorious weekend 💕 . ...

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I had so much fun during the inversion workshop yesterday! Happy to be back with my normal work schedule this week. In the office and in the studio. If you are looking to take a class with me you’ve got a lot of opportunities 💕.
Monday 9:30am @longevita .
@hotyogaofbonneylake :
Tue 8pm Vinyasa
Wed 6am & 6:30pm Vinyasa
Wed 8pm Yin
Thu 7:45am Ashtanga Primary
Fri 6am vinyasa .
Hope to see you on the mat!!

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Happy Sunday! Excited for my inversion workshop this afternoon. ❤️🙏🏻 ...

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How wonderful to be back in the studio again ❤️🤸‍♀️ 🙃 ...

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Somebody’s happy that I’m home ❤️🐶 . I’m back in the studio tomorrow at 6am and I’m excited for my arm balancing workshop on Sunday!! If you haven’t signed up yet, do it! There are just a few spots left 😀 ...

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If we are friends on Facebook, then you can find a much larger and longer post there with a lot of family photos. But I have had so many in my yoga community reach out to me and express love and concern that I wanted to put something here too. Yesterday on Valentine’s Day, my father passed away. It seems fitting since he was the first love of my life and that now this day will forever be associated with him. ❤️ I am immeasurably grateful to have been there on his last day. Although he had been unresponsive at that point for nearly 24 hours, when I walked in and he heard my voice he opened his eyes and smiled. My mother thinks he was waiting for me. I’m not so sure, but it’s a lovely thought. 💕🥰 I’ll miss him terribly. ...

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